Google has updated” Radar Santa Claus “- a holiday application with a set of Christmas stories, games and fun quests, for example,. You can wander around the city and collect fallen out of the sleigh Santa’s gifts, or stay at home and play in one of eight fun mini-games. and on December 24, when Santa Claus will go on a journey through the world, it will be possible through an application to track its movement and wait the appearance of a treasured gift under the Christmas tree, when he will fly over your house

the main innovation of the year -. the appearance of the application of an interactive map of where you are You are at the moment. You are invited to look for fallen gifts, send them a Christmas shop and raise your own level. As a result, new developments, you will receive various prizes.

The application is available on desktop browsers smartphones and tablets running Android, as well as set-top box Android TV and Chromecast.