French search engine qwant announced yesterday the signing of an agreement with the Mozilla Foundation, allowing it to be now available in Firefox. A version of Firefox where qwant is the default search engine instead of Google is now available. The search engine also announced the arrival of new services.

qwant gaining visibility through a partnership with Firefox

qwant is a French search engine created 3 years ago. Still little known today, only 1.2% of Internet searches are conducted via its website, the search engine will however benefit from better visibility thanks to its partnership with Firefox.

This is an agreement based primarily on common values, respect for privacy and non-tracing users. With this agreement we are now available on Firefox but also on mobile “indicated at a press conference yesterday, the co-founder of qwant Eric Léandri.

Specifically there is now a version of Firefox qwant dedicated to the search engine. A version that “ protects the user against tracking on the web “. Thus cookies particular have been removed. “ Our market is located at the intersection of research on the Internet and respect for privacy and we want to become number one in this market. At the same time, we hope to capture 10% of the global market of search engines in Europe “explained Mr. Léandri yet.

New services approach

qwant also took the opportunity to announce the development of different services. The search engine made particular reference to its agreement with OpenX to create a webmail service that would haul, like research, impossible to trace. Qwant Culture is also in search engine planes, a service offering specific content to different festivals like Chambord, Avignon or Aix. Qwant Earth and Map qwant should also be launched in the future .