This week we announce major updates for the Google Photos applications, Periscope, Snapchat, Shazam, and Asphalt 8.


Google Photos allows you to store an unlimited number of photos and video, accessible from any device. One of the strengths is the search of images, divided by different parameters: things, places and faces. The user can search any pictures according to places and objects, even if you did not add any tag. An example? In practice, the whole process of organization of the images is automatic, since it does not require any kind of tags, then no manual intervention will be required and will all automatically by the system. We can also tweet the pictures through the app, as well as share them with any social network.

Google updated the app server side, adding some “smart” functions. Now, the app lets you create GIF directly from videos in Google Photos: these clips will be manufactured using a complex algorithm that is able to find within the video the most important activities. The app will also show related photos taken in the past and related to most recent photo subjects and also display a list of the best photos of the month.

Google Photos is available free on the App Store .

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Periscope allows you to share real-time audio and video streaming within the app, allowing other people to view and comment on it. The link to the live stream can be shared on Twitter as well as to increase the public as possible. With this version, we find several new features:

  • When you share a live broadcast, you can now choose to retweet the Tweet author’s original.
  • Whoever you follow (as well as his comments) will have a special icon next to his name, making it easier to identify.
  • The authors of the Periscope VIP Program are now distinguished by badges on their profile
  • Follow an author from the list of viewers with a twist.
  • Improved touch on the camera to focus on while transmitting.
  • Fixed problems that bare the app crashes, as well as stability problems with the automatic reproduction of the broadcasts.

Periscope is available free on the App Store .

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Snapchat is definitely the social network of the moment (more than 130 million active users per day), now used by celebrities around the world. The app is catching on even in Italy, thanks to the system of self-destruction of all the messages, photos and videos within 24 hours of publication, with premium channels and other advanced features such as changing of faces in real time.

This update changes the management of the stories: we are no longer the self-managed advances from the app, since the user can now create their own playlists of various stories.

Anyone who wants to can download Snapchat App Store at no cost to this link.

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Shazam will allow us to recognize a song simply starting listening and placing the device in the vicinity of the sound source.

On the server side, Shazam is adding the ability to view music videos in-app by partnering with Vadio: Now, when you find a song with Shazam, you can also view the video if available on the platform.

Shazam is available free on the App Store.


Asphalt 8 is an arcade racing game between the best of the store. After spending time with the assortment of cars and power-ups, entering the race the pace is fast and furious for the really fun gaming experience. In this version:

  • SEASON MULTIPLAYER: the multiplayer has just received new competitions and lots of prizes. Challenge other players to score points and unlock prizes in timed seasons.
  • ALLOYS MULTIPLAYER: your skills at the wheel will be fully recognized as they get good results and progress into the higher leagues. The better the league, the better the prizes you win at the end of the season!
  • TRANSMISSION REPLAYKIT: Now you can show off your skills in the world and in real time with support for live broadcasts with ReplayKit on iOS 10.
  • NEW VEHICLES: Falcon F7, the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series, the CITROEN GT, the Icon Volcano V12 Hybrid and other vehicles still will be added on a regular basis
  • NEW EVENTS: it’s time to let it warm up for a new event R & D and two new challenges Enduro. Get the first one of the most powerful machines ever added to the game!
  • RIO IMPROVEMENTS AND AREA 51: modified newer circuits by improving its visibility and lighting, and making a lot of other minor changes to make each game more exciting than ever.