More spring in the network has information that Qualcomm is not going to ordered the release of 10-nanometer production at TSMC, preferring Samsung. In the summer of sources clarified that the SoC Snapdragon 830 will be possible at the facilities of the Korean giant on 10-nanometer technology.

As is known, Samsung first announced start production of semiconductor products under the new technological standards. However, new evidence suggests that Qualcomm still have to use the services of TSMC.

Allegedly, the production of a new flagship platform behind schedule, and the new party Qualcomm will order from TSMC. That is, apparently, the two companies will produce SoC Snapdragon 830. The phrase that production behind schedule, looks interesting against the background of the announcement of the start of production of Samsung only two days ago now. Either source has inaccurate information, or Samsung started production of 10-nanometer production slightly earlier announcement of its own.

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