Recently, senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm Keith Kressin told interesting details about the chipsets flagship Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 821, and also shared the company’s plans to introduce some high-end technology in the chips of the middle class. Following this, Qualcomm held a presentation in which announced three new processors: the Snapdragon 653, the Snapdragon 626 and Snapdragon 427. It should be noted that it is the processors 600 th and 400 th series bring us the greatest profit, as cost smartphones sold much more than the champions.

All three represented the chip got a new modem X9 LTE, as well as support for dual cameras and fast charging technology Quick Charge 3.0. X9 LTE ​​modem supports Cat. 7 with the data download speed of 300 Mbit / s, Cat. 13 at a rate of return of up to 150 Mbit / s, LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation with 2×20 MHz to download and return, 64-QAM for the return, the higher the quality of communication and VoLTE with Enhanced Voice Services technology.

Snapdragon 653 (MSM8976 Pro), as easy to guess from the name, is the most powerful of all three. The assurances of the company, its performance is 10% higher than the Snapdragon 652, which replaced it originated. This is achieved by increasing the maximum clock frequency up to 1.95 GHz (versus 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 652), support for up to 8GB of memory, a more powerful graphics processor and other improvements in the architecture.

Snapdragon 653

the Snapdragon 626 (MSM8953 Pro) also 10% more powerful than its predecessor in the face of the Snapdragon 625. The maximum frequency of its cores is 2.2 GHz. This processor supports TruSignal technology that allows to improve signal reception quality in congested areas.

Snapdragon 626

the Snapdragon 427 (MSM8920) less than the others differs from the previous version. In it improved the performance of the CPU and GPU, but exact figures are not named. Maximum operating frequency remains the same as in the Snapdragon 425, – 1.4 GHz. Among the notable improvements worth noting a new modem X9 LTE ​​and support TruSignal technology.

Snapdragon 427

The first devices based on the Snapdragon 653 and Snapdragon 626 will be the end of this year, and with the Snapdragon 427 – early next.