Single chip system Snapdragon 652/625/425 still did not manage to win popularity due (especially the last two), and Qualcomm has already submitted their updated versions .

New SoC called Snapdragon 653/626/427. Let’s start with the fact that in terms of CPU and GPU have changes, although not very significant. At Snapdragon 626 maximum CPU frequency increased from 2 to 2.2 GHz, while the Snapdragon 653 with 1.8 to 1.95 GHz. About GPU frequencies manufacturer, as always, is silent. As for the Snapdragon 427, it is nothing unclear. The press release states that in the event that there is an increase SoC performance and the GPU, and CPU compared to its predecessor. At the same time on the page with a description of anything that can not be seen.

As for the other innovation, they will not always be noticeable in practice. First, all three new SoC technology support fast charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which can not but rejoice. Second, the news supports dual cameras. Third, the trio now uses X9 LTE ​​modems, whereas previously such was only at the Snapdragon 625. For example, for the Snapdragon 427, this means supporting the carrier aggregation 2×20 MHz 2×10 MHz versus its predecessor. Another innovation at all – technology support TruSignal Multi- Antenna Boost. You can also note that the Snapdragon 653 now supports up to 8 GB of RAM, which means the latest trends will not be superfluous.