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The Qualcomm announced late Monday (17) its new line of mobile intermediate processors that will power mobile devices in 2017: the Snapdragon 653, 626 and 427.

in addition to the chips, the American manufacturer has confirmed that all the chips will come with support for Quick Charge 3.0 technology. The move is a clear attempt by Qualcomm to popularize fast charging feature, which henceforth should give more and more expensive intermediary devices and input.

Snapdragon 653

More powerful among intermediaries announced yesterday, the 653 is a direct evolution of the 652. In direct comparison, the chip provides 10% higher performance and supports twice the number of RAM than its predecessor: 8 GB . In addition, the SoC comes equipped with a new modem the X9 LTE, whose main feature is better support for VoLTE and Ultra HD Voice standards.

Snapdragon 653 is the most advanced model among intermediaries announced yesterday by Qualcomm (Playback: XDA Developers)

Finally, the Snapdragon 653 also comes with support technology to Clear Sight of dual cameras. Thus, it is clear that the manufacturer is betting on the popularity of dual camera systems, which are currently restricted to top smartphone line. Does glue?

Snapdragon 626

Like the 653, the Snapdragon 626 is a direct evolution of the 625, offering 10% more performance than its predecessor. Although it is below 653 in terms of performance, with the intermediate option of intermediaries, the chip also comes with the new modem X9 LTE ​​and support Clear Sight technology.

Snapdragon 427

Chip most basic of presented yesterday, the 427 is intended primarily for intermediaries that seem most basic stocky. Nevertheless, the SoC brings the same features of its siblings, with X9 LTE ​​modem and supports Clear Sight.

The inclusions called enough attention, especially by noting that the 425, the previous version of the chip, had only the X6 LTE modem – ie three previous generations. Also, include support for the Clear Sight that particular line of chips is quite bold and show that Qualcomm is betting all its chips in its popularization.

Em contrapartida, o 427 é o mais básico dos três. Mesmo assim, vem com os principais recursos apresentados pelos seus irmãos mais parrudos

In contrast, 427 is the most basic of all three. Still, comes with key features presented by their more stocky brothers (Playback: XDA Developers)

Historically, the line Snapdragon 400 fitted very basic equipment, and will be very interesting as the manufacturers will take advantage of this type technology in this device type.


Both the Snapdragon 653 and the 626 are ready to be marketed and should be available by the end of this year. This means that already from the first half of next year we should see mobile devices coming with the new chips.

Regarding the Snapdragon 427, Qualcomm said it will be available at the beginning of next year.

Via XDA Developers