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The new generation of Internet Mobile is still in its infancy, but Qualcomm wants to prove to the market that , this matter, she understands. On Monday (17), the company announced the launch of the first modem 5G of the world, called Snapdragon X50. The hardware bear, in theory, download speeds above 5 Gbps on a smartphone, something extremely fast by the standards of today.

Once the telcos begin to provide cellular networks that support the technology at a level of Gigabits (not Megabits, as we see today in 4G ), the new devices will begin to evolve in a very interesting way, if we imagine that they will be able to access files hosted in the cloud much faster than in a device USB plugged into the computer itself (aka flash drive) or a flash memory.

The company revealed that it will launch the X50 sales period in the second half of 2017 and the phones equipped with the modem will hit the market in 2018. All too soon, if we compare with the leg walking technology 5G today. As much as the new modem support exorbitant peaks of 5 Gbps, it is virtually impossible for mobile operators to start working in this range and provide sufficient quality to support the new standard.

The Snapdragon X50 will work in the 28 GHz wave spectrum. It turns out that, as a millimeter wave, it does not work with transmissions over long distances and can not pass through walls. Instead of building giant cellular signal towers to transmit the signal over long distances, operators will have to install several small cells in the base stations in all the desired coverage area.

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