O processors, motherboards, chipsets and AMD AM4 platform as a whole in recent years write all sundry. No wonder – the company for a long time stays in the shadow of Intel, seriously preparing to return to the market of the productive processors, both server and intended for common user systems or workstations. Today we know that the Zen processors codenamed Summit Ridge debut in February 2017, and at the same time see the light of chipsets flagship Promontory – hub system X370. To date, its capabilities were unclear, but foreign sources report that the X370 will receive two full sets of 16 lines PCI Express 3.0, and hence the full support of multi-GPU NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX technology. In addition, it will be implemented all the functions required for acceleration and Zen Bristol Ridge chips.

But the most interesting published enthusiast from South Korea with the nickname NameGT. The with Facebook he posted pictures of a processor with the cover removed heat spreader under the heading «AM4 IHS Removal». Consequently, we are talking about one of the processors to the new AMD platform, but about what exactly – is unknown. Currently, discussions are underway on the web that is shown in the pictures: Summit Ridge or Bristol Ridge. Try to understand. It is difficult to say that is used as a thermal interface between the lid and the crystal: imprinted on the image resembles a substance as a solder and a sticky analogue thermal paste; however, in the solder is still more like. But the most interesting – it’s a clear line, as if dividing the crystal into two parts. We know that the architecture of Summit Ridge is modular and scalable, the base module has four cores with support for SMT and 8 MB of cache L3. In high eight-Summit Ridge of such modules, respectively, are two.

Judging by a picture, a crystal is large enough, but at the same time, despite the odd dividing line seems to be all the same monolithic and its virtual “halves” are absolutely identical in size. On the other hand, we know that the 32-core Naples perceived the current versions of the test programs as two 16-core processor. Obviously, the picture is still eight-version of the Summit Ridge. Quad option is to use half the area of ​​the crystal, which hints at the dividing line, well and in the six-core, two cores will be simply turned off in one of the blocks. Apparently, Naples module twice that published the photo, but the 32-core version of the layout is already using MCM (Multi-Chip Module), rather than the monolithic crystal. However, it can still go about Bristol Ridge, because to get a sample of Summit Ridge is much more difficult. By that favored by most commentators to the corresponding entry in NameGT blog. We remind you that one of Summit Ridge last test samples clocked at 3.2 GHz and turbo accelerates to 3.5 GHz. Through the use of advanced process technology overclocking potential of the new AMD processors promises to be good.