Project Wing: the resignation of Dave Vos


Earlier this month, the news of the launch of a test phase that brought drones Google to deliver burrito students to a university of Virginia. Today, however, the formalization of resignation by Dave Vos now former number one of Project Wing the internal team of X Lab Alphabet that since 2012 and until now has been involved in developing and refining the initiative.

It is not clear what were the reasons that prompted Vos to take the decision. They speak broadly of the will to pursue “new opportunities”, which suggests his next engagement away from the group of Mountain View. The role will be played by interim Astro Teller the visionary always at the head of Team X at least until it is designated a definitive replacement. This is the official statement, in translation, issued by a spokesman for the X Division Alphabet and entrusted the preparation of the Business Insider website.

Dave has helped us build a solid foundation of an aviation culture within our team, bringing Project Wing in a position from which we can understand how to undertake our mission linked to the management of deliveries in He repeated and safely. We are grateful to Dave for his contributions and wish him the best for his future endeavors.

Dave Vos has left the leadership of Wing Project team (picture: drones “. The goal is just to: develop a reliable technology to such an extent that they can delegate the delivery of products purchased online, a bit ‘like Amazon is doing with the project First Air . During his stay in bigg also he collaborated with Federal Aviation Adminsitration .