Although Apple has never officially confirmed it is working on an initiative linked to the four-wheeler market, has long been talking about Project Titan a program aimed at the realization of an electric vehicle capable of competing, for example, with the models made by Tesla . The idea may have been abandoned or at least temporarily shelved by the group of Cupertino.

A hypothesize a source (remained anonymous, but considered reliable) on the Bloomberg pages. The bitten apple seems to have put aside the idea of ​​becoming an automaker, to focus its resources on the development of a software dedicated to autonomous driving . In other words, a technology for self-driving car similar to that on which Google is now engaged for several years. The system would then be intended to be brought to market through partnerships with third-party reality. Obviously, from Apple’s headquarters they have not come confirmations or denials about.


The decision may have been dictated by a ‘ Incorrect initial assessment : it seems that the company Tim Cook had at first underestimated the difficulties of supply of the components necessary for the production of an electric vehicle. The work of Project Titan started in 2014, with COO Jeff Williams who spoke (albeit indirectly) for the first time the following year. This is the brief statement.

The car is the ultimate mobile device, do not you?

The Apple team working on the project has been to date consists of approximately 1,000 units, many of which may now be committed elsewhere. The source dell’indiscrezione today speaks of a deadline set for the end of 2017 : then the company will assess the progress made and decide once and for all how to modulate its commitment in the field of the four wheels, though pursuing the construction of a vehicle, focusing on the development of software for self-driving car, or abandoning the whole idea.