Would you like to transfer a movie from your computer to your device so you can see it on the go, but the file is too large and do not know how to do propio ? Do you want experience a movie to a friend via Dropbox or another cloud storage service, but the upload is too long and would like to know if there is a way to speed things up? Well, fear not. To cope with your problems simply resort to using one of the many special and programs to compress video .

Taking advantage of some specific software Windows MacOS and also Linux it is possible to reduce the weight of your movies without changing the original format or by carrying out the conversion into another type of file. In all cases, you need not worry, this is easily done even by those operations – a bit like you – it is not considered exactly an expert in new technologies.

Then choose between programs for compressing video I’m going to point you can do what you think are your most and effettuane If the download to your computer immediately. The choice of which to use from those that I am about to propose it to you though, according to those who are your real needs and requirements. That said, Let’s ban the chatter and proceed.

HandBrake (Windows / MacOS / Linux)

Programmi per convertire video

HandBrake is an excellent free and open source application that allows you to compress and convert video in various file formats optimized for computers, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

it is extremely easy to use. Just select the video source and the target format before you start the conversion. The software also supports rip DVD .mkv or .mp4 files in small but very high quality.

It also includes a set of customizable parameters that allow experienced users to meticulously tune the properties of the generated video.

HandBrake is available for Windows MacOS and Linux . To download the software on your computer Click here .

Avidemux (Windows / MacOS / Linux)


Avidemux is free and open source application for video editing that allows you to modify all the major video file formats and save them in direct mode (ie without recompression) or complete processing.

includes a very wide range of filters to resize video, eliminate visual imperfections, apply special effects, and much more.

The software presents a user interface quite spartan but thanks to it, anyone can cut, edit and convert video files from one format to another.

Avidemux is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. To download the software on your computer Click here .

MakeMKV (Windows / MacOS)

Screenshot di MakeMKV

How easily enough its name suggests, MakeMKV is a free program that lets you compress DVD and Blu-Ray in the compressed video to MKV format. The application is extremely simple to use and allows you to also convert those movies on DVD and Blu-Ray protected by the most modern copy protection.

which is complimentary, although finished the initial beta testing period should remain free only in part on the DVD.

The conversion and compression of the Blu-Ray should become exclusive to the paid version of the software.

MakeMKV is available for both Windows and MacOS. To download the software on your computer Click here .

Adapter (Windows / MacOS)

Screenshot che mostra come convertire MKV in MP4 su Mac

In a list of programs to compress video can not just send Adapter . Have not you ever heard? Very strange, every rimediamo so immediately. It is a free video converter based on ffmpeg, known open source software for processing media files.

Supports all major video file formats, both incoming and outgoing, and includes several interesting features, such as the inclusion of watermarks, subtitles and additional audio tracks in the converted movies.

Its only flaw is that it allows you to choose the audio tracks to be stored in the video with multi-track audio (only converts the main track).

Adapter is available for both Windows and MacOS. To download the software on your computer Click here .

Free Video Dub (Windows)

Programmi per editing video gratis

Free Video Dub is a free program that allows you to do only one thing, trim video, and to make it in the best way possible.

The software presents spartan interface very easy to use and supports all major video formats: avi, mpg, mp4, mkv, flv, 3gp, wmv and webm.

This is without a doubt the ideal solution when you have to cut “death scene” or advertising from videos stored on your computer.

Free Video Dub is available exclusively for Windows. To download of Free Video Dub on your computer do Click here .

Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

Screenshot di Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is one of the best free programs to convert and compress video that lets you convert files between them in AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV and 3GP.

is also able to rip DVD to compressed video formats, extract audio from video to MP3 and create small movies to devices such as iPad, iPhone, PSP and smartphones.

also supports the conversion of YouTube videos and allows you to customize very simply the output video formats.

Freemake Video Converter is available exclusively for Windows operating systems. To download the software on your computer Click here .

Free Media Converter (Windows)

Programmi per comprimere video

As suggests quite easily his name, Free Media Converter is a free application that lets you convert and compress video in various file formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, ASF, VOB, MPG , WMV, MP2, FLV, SWF, MOV and many others.

Supports DVD conversion to compressed file formats (eliminates some of the most common copy protection) and is able to extract audio tracks from video.

also allows you to compress videos to export them to portable devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP and various smartphone models.

Free Media Converter is available only for Windows operating systems. To download the software on your computer Click here .

Koyote Free Video Converter (Windows)

Programmi per comprimere video

Koyote Free Video Converter is a good program to compress and convert video available for free that allows you to convert between all popular media file formats: AVI, MP4, 3GP and so on.

Includes functions for previewing the movies to be converted and edited “on the fly” by cutting and resizing them.

also allows you to extract audio from video and save as MP3, WMA and AAC.

Koyote Free Video Converter is available exclusively for Windows operating systems. To download the software on your computer Click here .

Total Video Converter Lite (MacOS)

Programmi per convertire video

Total Video Converter Lite is another one of the programs to compress video that I suggest you to consider if you use a computer to the Apple brand. This is one of the best video converters for Mac to be distributed free on the Cupertino store.

Total Video Converter Lite supports all major video file formats, even the HD, and includes a wide range of conversion profiles.

The software is free and can be used to create video optimized for smartphone, tablet or Web, DVD Video, Video CD, and even animated GIFs. The program also supports video conversion to audio files and is tremendously easy to use even for those who are beginners.

Total Video Converter is usable exclusively on MacOS. To download the software on your computer Click here .

Convert Video Online (Online)

Programmi per comprimere video

Need to be worked on a video on a computer that does not allow installation of new programs? In such a case might find useful Convert Video Online a free online video converter that works directly from the browser.

The service does not require Flash Player, does not require registrations and supports all major media file formats.

Convert Video Online allows you to select the output format and also provides some forward settings through which you can go to act on the audio codec and the last file weight.

Convert Video Online is compatible with all major browsers. To connect to the service’s website do Click here .