Professor Carnegie Mellon University Ruslan Salakhutdinov led AI research in Apple


Apple’s adopted a professor at Carnegie Mellon University to Ruslan Salakhutdinova as director of the study of artificial intelligence. Salakhutdinov that told about his transition to the Cupertino company on Twitter, operates in the areas of in-depth learning and neural networks. Over the past couple of years, he wrote more than a dozen reports on various topics. One of the main topics being studied by Professor AI is understanding of various media on the human level: recognition of objects in the picture, action videos and so on


Salakhutdinov shared a link to the open position at Apple, through which anyone with a PhD can try to get into his team. However, the job description is quite vague: “We are looking for exceptional scientific staff involved in practical research and have confirmed with a track record in a variety of methods of machine learning, unsupervised learning and computer perception. You will join a multidisciplinary team of world-class and will participate in cutting-edge research in the areas of in-depth training, machine intelligence and artificial intelligence.

you will solve a real large-scale problem. ”

More recently, Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said the Nikkei of the publication that Apple will open a research laboratory in Yokohama, which will be partially engaged in the study of artificial intelligence. He described the AI ​​as being “horizontal nature, covering all products.”

Apple This step may seem an attempt to catch up with Google and Microsoft, which for many years investing in basic research AI huge resources. By the way, has recently launched a project Partnership on AI ( «Partnership for AI») Apple does not participate. However, it is worth noting that in such things Cupertino company has always been secretive enough: its researchers are rarely present at conferences and publish reports, and their achievements people learn primarily through carefully produced videos about new Apple products



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