The team from the University of Washington managed to develop an inexpensive portable spectrometer, which when connected to a smartphone is able to analyze multiple samples identify biomarkers of cancer. Thus, the device can be useful to doctors or specialists district clinics located in remote corners of the planet, in the absence of proximity appropriate professional laboratories and cancer centers. Health care providers will be under the force independently confirm or refute their concerns about the condition of the patient, and to take timely treatment measures, including the early stages of the disease.

There are already there in the world prototype smartphone biosensor, it can only work with one model and it takes a long time of analysis. An analogue of the University of Washington scientists scans up to 8 copies of the samples at the same time, focusing on the spectrum of light to detect certain chemicals in the sample. In this case, the spectrometer is configured to search for Interleukin-6 (IL-6), which accompanies the liver, lung, prostate epithelium


Портативный спектрометр с iPhone 5 выявит рак у пациентов (2 фото)

“With eight spectrometer channels, professionals can at a time to spend a few tests on a single person or several identical on different,” – said the head of the team Li Lei: “It increases the efficiency of our devices. The device is particularly useful in clinics and hospitals, which have a large number of samples without access to a laboratory, or for doctors who practice abroad or in remote areas. They can not bear the entire lab with him. They need a portable and

an effective instrument. “According to laboratory tests, the device shows 99-percent accuracy. Their next step – a portable spectrometer to check in real conditions and to extend the range of compatible smartphone device. While the constant companion of the invention acts Apple iPhone 5.


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