company Xiaomi, which has long been engaged in production of laptop batteries, introduced the second generation of the popular model Xiaomi Mi Power. Capacity Xiaomi Mi Power 2 is 10,000 mA • h.

Xiaomi Mi Power 2 is characterized by a lithium-polymer battery of high density, which exceeds the characteristics of traditional rechargeable batteries 18650. In addition, a new type of battery makes it easy to embed it in a more subtle body in different shapes.

Xiaomi Mi Power 2, as well as model Mi Power Bank Pro, allows for rapid charging of the smartphone, which supports it, and he quickly charged device battery.

The device is equipped with a USB connector and a micro-USB, as well as the power button and four LEDs that allow you to monitor the remaining battery capacity.

electricity Conversion efficiency Xiaomi Mi Power 2 exceeds 90%, the battery weighs 217

unit price is about $ 12.