There are 3D printers designed to make technology accessible to anyone, sold at a reduced price. Pollen Pam is certainly not one of them. The first version, which is the Limited Edition, is offered at € 8,000, while the one that will be marketed from next year it will cost even twice as much, ie 16,000 euro. So this is a device designed and intended exclusively for the ‘ professional environment .

An outlay definitely not content, but allows you to put his hand to a currently unparalleled versatility in the field of 3D printing . It is in fact able to create any object with a maximum size of 30 cm in diameter and the same height, using up to four different materials simultaneously. Good also the declared speed of 400 mm / s, as well as the resolution of 40 μ. Pollen provides supplied proprietary software for modeling, Honeyprint, that lets you interact with the printer remotely, through any mobile device or computer.

To the community of developers are provided the API necessary for the creation of customized solutions for the business.

Some of the objects that can be realized in 3D with Pollen Pam, one addressed to the professional environment Printer

Returning to the materials, Pam is able to print from the thermoplastic silicone compounds, up to those that can be used without any risk in contact with the foods. It is not of filaments, but of Pellet , or small pellets that are introduced directly in the machine tanks. The delivery of the first units purchased will start in April next year.

Alcuni dei materiali che è possibile stampare con Pollen Pam

A selection of materials that can be printed with Pollen Pam: from the thermoplastic silicone compounds, for every need