The temperature outside crept close to the negative mark? and somewhere I have passed for less. The weather is changing our relationship with gadgets – especially when it’s necessary to spend more time than enough for a short rushes from the house to the car. In cold smartphone and tries to slip out of your hands, dressed in a thick glove. Favorite headphones do not fit under the cap. Photo shooting, a game of Pokemon Go Ingress or transformed into competition in hardiness between the fingers and the mobile device battery. How to deal with it

In order to facilitate us to “winter gadzhetostradaniya” invented a variety of accessories – gloves for touch screens, external battery for fast battery sitting down on the cold. Even a simple replacement of a thin bumper case for a solid smartphone will make less elegant, but more “uhvatistym” and shock-proof. But for some reason, many (if not most) neglect seasonal retooling your gadget.

And you are preparing your smartphone for the winter season? What accessories drawer pulls from far with the onset of cold weather, and they rescued you? If you do not cook – why? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

How do you prepare the smartphone for the season of colds?

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