As you know, humanity is always divided into two parts, changing only the basis for the classification of base may be simple:. Man-woman, Android-Apple, physicist and lyricist. .. and maybe a composite comprising a whole range of issues. For example, if you use a home network storage?

For some, this question is equivalent to the classic “you’re doing backups – or have never lost important data “For others it primarily about convenience: it is possible to transfer every downloaded a movie from a PC to a media player on a flash drive, but easier to turn on the TV and instantly watch a home network drive People who value confidentiality?. , reflect a different way: to entrust important documents and personal photos to the public cloud, or better to store them in a safe place

I wonder what the answer to these questions have rediscovered you: do you have a home network storage, and for which tasks it is used more often? Opened whether safe access to the drive from the Internet, and how difficult was the adjustment? And if the home network drive not, what alternative do you use? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Do you use a home network storage?

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