Pokemon Sun and Moon: tricks and tips practices




Pokémon Sun and Moon debuted with a bang and have been involved thousands of users with a couple of titles that closely resembles the tradition and the dynamics and the first games of the Japanese franchise. However, it also allows for many new features both in the field of Pokemon introduced with the new generation is unprecedented rich and fun features without forgetting the many hidden goodies and extras that await once the main story. What are the best tricks and tips practices for tips to move around in the game by the choice of starter the captures the legendary and to some gimmicks very useful while traveling in the Alola region game theater? We discover after continuaizone.

EXCLUSIVE POKEMON : of course, if you choose the Sun you will find the legendary Steel / psycho Solgaleo, while Luna is Lunala type psycho / ghost. And the others?

 Exclusive Pokemon

ASH GRENINJA : how to transfer Pokemon very strong level of 30 captured during the demo? Start the demo, in fact, then go to the Pokémon Center in the city, met Professor Kurui and talk to him. Answer the question “sent to the full version”, initiated therefore the full game and you will find a notice of a secret gift, load save and make room in the team – in the case – sending a Pokemon to the PC. Talk to the postman in the nearest Pokémon Center, and you’re done.

Salamence : how to capture the dragon Pokemon at level 10 already in the island of Melemele. It needs patience. You have to pass the first test of the island so that wild animals seek help during the fighting, then you have to pass the test on the second island Mallow getting Fifasfere (Adrenaline Orb) from the shops. Now go on Route 3 island of Melemele, cross the bridge and go to the grass area on the right.

you must necessarily seek Bagon. In the fight you have to weaken but not defeat until ask for help. It usually appears another Bagon, but may also appear a Salamence.

Pikachu : how to find it? Suggest capturing a Pichu and then evolve it for happiness (candy, party, no knockout, entrusted objects, usual stuff). You must probe the Route 1 Island Melemele and tall grass within the Hou’oli gardens. Raichu you get with Thunderstone.