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Pokémon Go

About to celebrate a month of its release, Pokémon GO already appears to be a distant dream for Brazil. Some fans have lost hope of seeing the game so early here, while others continue to use social networks to ask for the game to be available in the country as soon as possible. After much ado, behold, the Niantic finally decided to talk a little about the delay and spoke directly with the Brazilian about it.

In his profile on Facebook, the company said a little about the controversial changes made in mechanics application and talked a bit more about its expansion plans. According to her, the most difficult to take the game to other parts of the world is the limited access that the company has outsourced services, which ends up interfering with the overall quality of service. Add to this the absurd number of players who have embraced Pokémon GO over this last month and you have a huge challenge that Niantic must face before reaching new territories.

However, it makes it clear he does not want to stop there and is directed directly to the Brazilian fans to say that the game will even be released in the country, burying once and for all the rumors that the application would not be available here. But, contrary to what many expected, the company made no mention of the date, saying only that Brazil and other countries where Pokémon GO is not yet available already in the crosshairs of the company and that all team is “working like crazy” to shorten this waiting as soon as possible.

Thus, at the same time ensuring that the popular game will come to the country at some point, the statement also serves to ask for the staff be patient – especially Brazilians. And the curious thing is that the message is routed directly to us, something that should be a direct reflection of attacks by hackers profile on Twitter the president of Niantic , John Hanke, during the last weekend. The invasion was made by Brazilian, who took the time to ask that Pokémon would come soon to the country. Therefore, the company broke his silence and went public calm fears of the angry fans and explained that this lack of information is given just because everyone is involved in expanding the service globally.

In relation to removal of footprints system indicating the position of the Pokémon and revolted many people out there Niantic explains that the use of the design was confusing and did not fit what they expected for their product. And she promises to bring the role back in the future and even better, as it has pledged to strive to improve this tool

Via:. Nianctic (Facebook)

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