Pokémon fever GO has fallen considerably since its launch in early summer, but the Niantic Labs game is far from dead without active users. To enliven the title augmented reality making it even more interactive and simple we have wearable Pokémon GO Plus and we will bring you a full scan of the device for that you know all the details.

Before, we inform you that Urban Techno we are dodging a Pokémon GO Plus, so you can get it free! .

depth analysis of Pokémon GO Plus

One aspect of Pokémon GO Plus that maybe we should reshuffle before us with him is his size. There is a wearable small so it can be quite striking if we take it in a visible area. It can be used as clip in almost any garment to relocate, although the advantages as device will be undermined if we can not feel the vibration notifies nearby pokémon.

Once we have linked to our account, we will see how the central led depending on the pokémon that we have around lights, if we have seen before, if we have captured or not, and so on. The bad news is that GO Plus with Pokémon can only launch Pokéballs regular, adds to what we need to open the game on your mobile phone to see the pokémon we have captured.


On the other hand, we can not use berries to capture pokémon appears close so the device would be more focused on users who are taking their first steps in Pokémon GO, rather than the veteran user which has a vast collection of creatures and often see them at a fairly high level.

As a positive point, Pokémon GO Plus records the distance we travel although our mobile device is in our pocket, so it is perfect to go walking and touring the necessary kilometers to make an egg hatches and collect candy from our partner specific Pokemon.

also we can pick up objects from the poképaradas pressing the a detail that thanks enough to save battery, which ends up being almost great incentive for us with Pokémon GO Plus. For now we can not use upper or berries Pokéballs, although this feature may be added in a future update.


In conclusion, Pokémon GO Plus is ideal for users who have just start device his adventures in the title of Niantic Labs, but the older players accuse too their limitations and run the risk of having bracelet almost as a means to hatch eggs without spending just battery and nothing more.

price is not too high -39.90 euros, and the aesthetics of the device is quite distinctive with Pokéball well as large drop. Most love the Pokémon universe to play daily to the title of Niantic Labs certainly appreciate the purchase, in any case.