Pokémon GO now prevents you to play and drive at the same time


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has passed the fever unprecedented Pokémon GO, the augmented reality game from Nintendo that turned the heads of many mobile users worldwide. But that does not mean that the game still does not have his fanatical players: there are people who take gambling seriously as you want to capture Pokémon while driving. Thinking to end the risk of running over and beats because of the game, Niantic prepared an update of the game to prevent accidents from happening.

Who do the update ( iOS Android ) may notice that it will be virtually impossible to play the game if you are behind the wheel. The game can even stay connected, but detects that you are driving at 50 km / h or more, preventing Pokémon little eggs in your area are shocked. The game will still fail to consider the distance remaining to reach the eggs, and disable the functions of Buddy.

It seems absurd to have to warn for players to avoid direct and play at the same time, but unfortunately the providence arrives after truthful (and tragic) cases involving the game in traffic. The negative side of the story is that many Pokémon trainers need transportation to play catch monsters, just as passengers. Perhaps the update is not performed by all, in this case, but if it is to avoid the worst, is something quite valid.

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