at the end of September, the company Snap Inc., best known for the mobile messenger Snapchat, released spectacles smart glasses that differ from the usual presence of built-in camera, with which you can keep shooting in the first person. The gadget has proved extremely popular but buy it – a very difficult task. The company PogoTec decided what to do “smart” can be almost any glasses, if you set them a special chamber. that is what she did by developing PogoCam – a miniature camera that is mounted on the handle of glasses with a magnet . But what is more interesting, in this PogoTec promises not to stop


PogoCam camera module is only the first of those that are scheduled for release. It is noteworthy that the users will be able to quickly disconnect one module and replace it with another, or at all clean. For example, if the other person uncomfortable due enabled camera.


PogoCam has a 5-megapixel sensor and able to save 100 photos or 12 short videos in 720p. the disadvantage of this camera is that it does not have a wireless module to immediately send the recorded material on the smartphone. the user needs to remove the module from the points and set it in a special docking station that connected to a computer. But the developers promise that eventually they plan to integrate the Bluetooth.


PogoCam working prototype will be presented early next year at the exhibition CES 2017. in the same company and talk about the other modules. The camera will go sale March or April at a price of $ 129.