Plex announced as a novelty that will be very pleasing to many users, its popular player Plex Media player becomes free for all more, comes a new extension for the use of services with Plex media center Kodi.

But let’s go step by step starting from the player, previously the prerogative of users who subscribe to premium services Plex Pass, now becomes available to all, including desktop and mobile devices, game consoles and smart TVs. The application is known for its nice user interface and user friendly, accompanied by complete settings and many features.

Among the specific features, is its ability to extend the capabilities through the use of plug-ins from third parties, and so we come to the last novelties mentioned above.

Here comes the new Plex add-on for Kodi, can enable with comprehensive, immersive Plex in Kodi. Unfortunately, the bad news is that the new plug-in will remain for now exclusive Plex Pass, but it is not excluded that in future can become free for all.

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