The PlayStation VR is not only compatible with the Sony PS4, the video evidence


The PlayStation compatible VR Xbox and Wii U?

Available since the end of last week in shops, PlayStation VR ( our full review is available here ) never ceases to be talked about. If we are already back on the most significant games of the line-up of this PlayStation VR, the website Digital Foundry wished to confirm the video that some had already been tested, namely the helmet compatibility with other devices as PlayStation 4.

Indeed, despite his relationship PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR helmet is suitable for use on PlayStation 3, but also an Xbox One or a Nintendo Wii U! Indeed, in the midst of its (heavy) connectivity, the processor (or Power Unit) must be connected to the PS4, but simply connect it to a different HDMI source to enjoy. Note however that a PS4 is nevertheless essential in the functioning of the whole, since the Power Unit must be connected to it via USB.

Of course, it is not to take advantage of any virtual reality feature on Xbox One or Wii U, but only the “ Cinema Mode ” for projecting the image on a (very) large screen through the PlayStation VR.

In this way, you can for example enjoy the latest Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 on a fairly gigantic screen, but also launch in the last Paper Mario Color Splash … provided of course to have a PS4 in addition to the PlayStation VR, and the HDMI terminal to associate with it.