The preparation of 4Gamer has decided not only to get their hands on a copy of Playstation VR but also take it apart piece by piece and photograph every single component, in order to have clear the different parts that make up the much acclaimed viewer for virtual reality according to Sony.

The following is the wave of image taken by 4Gamer, photographs that really going to split hairs and show everything that is inside Playstation VR. It goes from varhi chip, the lenses and everything that makes up the Sony viewer. All that remains is to invite you to enjoy the gallery, available just below, and to congratulate the editors of 4Gamer, especially for the courage (I wonder if they managed to reassemble it, n.d.SketchT) .

Even our staff has indulged in the classic unboxing Playstation VR. You can find the following video this link . We remind you that the Playstation VR is available in all the specialty stores at a price of 399.99 euro.