Playstation 4 came out for almost three years and has virtually come to half of the traditional life cycle of a console, but the debut of Playstation VR could extend the life of the current Sony console.

during a recent interview with MCV UK Jim Ryan , Global Head of Sales and Marketing of Sony, he has declared that the expected viewer dedicated to virtual reality may not improve but also lengthen the life cycle of PlayStation 4 which, however, in the words of Jim Ryan, not will achieve the popularity of Playstation 2 .

Playstation VR could definitely improve and extend the life cycle of PlayStation 4, but certainly the current console will fail to match the success of Playstation 2 . We must not forget that the PS2, for a long time, has been available for sale in 99 pounds, while the Playstation 4 is priced at 300 pounds to which we must add another 350 pounds to buy the VR viewer. We are absolutely proud of the price of Playstation VR that however we consider competitive we are aware that not everyone will be able to spend that kind of money.

We just have to wait in order to find out whether really the long-awaited VR viewer dedicated to Playstation 4 will be able to lengthen the life cycle of the popular console and while we remind you that Playstation VR will see its debut in October, specifically the day 13 .

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