Now lacks very few days to the moment when you can watch the Playstation Experience convention called by Sony completely dedicated to the universe Playstation and especially to titles that will see the light during the next year. According to the insider, thanks to a new trailer Shinobi602 known for having published several rumors proved true then, between the protagonists of the event stand out Horizon: Zero Dawn and WipeOut respectively, and a official announcement.

The possibility of the emergence of a new chapter in the saga of Sony Wipeout playground could please a great number of gamers, slice of the public who can not wait to get their hands on an episode specially designed for Playstation 4 Pro .

the simpler instead forecasting linked to the presence of Horizon Zero Dawn. The product of Guerrilla Games belong to the circle of the most anticipated titles of 2017, so it is virtually impossible not to attend any announcement during the aforementioned Playstation Experience.

See you on day 3 and 4 December, when Sony will show the public the news dedicated to Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro.