Players Pokemon GO can not catch Pokémon while driving a car


Despite the fact that the first wave hype around Pokemon GO has subsided, the game still remains surprisingly popular. Niantic Company, a developer of Pokemon GO, regularly releases updates for your project, and if some of them contained only minor corrections, others brought with them a number of important features that users have requested since the early start of the game. Now Niantic has released an update that makes the big step to enhance the security of the players.

Pokemon GO

Update Pokemon GO to the latest version, users will not be able to catch Pokemon, while in a moving vehicle. This decision was dictated by the elementary safety rules: driving a car does not imply a distraction to the game


Of course, the game will not be able to determine whether you are driving yourself or just want to catch Pokémon in the passenger seat. If the application detects that a person is moving at a speed of 30 miles / h (48 km / h) or more, the new Pokemon will cease to appear on the screen of his smartphone.

Pokemon GO

Earlier Pokemon GO simply notifies its owner that it is moving too fast. The current update is completely deprives the user the possibility to declare that the wheel is someone else and continue the hunt for Pokemon.

Although it may cause dissatisfaction of the gaming community, such measures appear justified in terms of protecting the players themselves and their environment from the consequences of a traffic accident.


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