Plantronics RIG: gaming headset for Xbox One, PS4, PC and PS VR


A Games Week 2016 Plantronics RIG brings the entire range, a family of headphones gaming think the world Xbox One and PS4, including the latest innovations call RIG 4VR and studied as a complement to PlayStation VR.

Starting from this model we are using a headset with 40mm driver, bass boost and removable arm with noise-canceling microphone. The connector is the classic 3.5 mm jack with a shortened cable so as to connect to the Sony display without cluttering. Price: € 69.99

With autumn arriving later also the news of RIG400 and RIG 600. RIG 400HX is the version for Xbox One while RIG 400hs is the model dedicated to the Sony console: both feature volume controls and mute button, a removable noise-canceling microphone, 40 mm drive and frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, all at € 49.99 .

RIG 600 is instead the multiplatform model with 3.5 mm jack, 40 mm drive, noise-canceling microphone removiibile and replaceable with in-line microphone, volume controls and mute and same frequency response 400 series the quality of construction and materials improves compared to the entry-level home, the sound stage is more balanced between low, medium and high, and the price is € 79.99 .

the top of the range are the series models 800, wireless headphones declined in the version RIG 800HX for Xbox One and RIG 800 HS for PlayStation 4 ( € 149.99 ) . Again Plantronics has chosen 40 mm driver (frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz) and optimized for low thanks to passive resonators and not miss the noise-canceling microphone that turns off folding.

On the back of the headphones we find the mode dial that allows you to balance fast the game audio and chat over that of controls for volume and quick equalizer which isolates the ups and downs to intensify mendi or concentrate ‘ focus on the items. Both models promise 24 hours of battery life (10-meter range wireless)

Luigi Melita

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