Localytics recently provided an update on new devices activated over Black Friday weekend (November 24 to 28), highlighting the important results obtained by Google Pixel the most popular devices in the observation period. Before examining in detail the results of the report, it is good to start from the bottom, to understand methodology used by Localytics and evaluate with the right precautions the supplied data, which suggest what were the sales data, but which do not necessarily coincide with them.

Localytics uses a database provided by about 2.7 billion devices and 37,000 mobile and web app. To generate the list below the company has taken into account the percentage increase of new devices in the observation period, compared to the figures recorded in the previous four weeks. It ‘important to clarify also, when Localytics for a device may be considered new:

A new device is defined as a device that Localytics saw for the first time to download one of the apps incorporating our SDK

Given this premise, it is an objective that Localytics statistics on new activations over Black Friday weekend are characterized by ‘ high interest generated by the recent smartphone Google Pixel followed by Samsung Galaxy S7 Pro 9.7 iPad, iPad Mini 2 and close the ranking of devices with the highest number of new activations, iPhone 7 . There is talk, of course, the percentage increases compared to the number of devices activated in the previous four weeks and not of number of units sold. iPhone 7, although the last of the top 5, part by a higher number of units sold compared to that of Google Pixels.

The data provided by Localytics is equally encouraging for Google, because it represents a further ‘‘ thermometer ” to measure the welcome the audience is reserving the smartphone of the Mountain View home . According to recent estimates the amount of units sold Google Pixels and Pixel XL could reach 3 million by year-end, and 5-7 million in the course of 2017.

On the other side is placed Apple, on the weekend of Black Friday 2016, with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus got – according Localytics – results lower than those achieved in the same period last year with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus . The iDevice with the largest number of activations in the period of observation was mini iPad 2.

It reiterates, in conclusion, that for the actual sales of all products monitored data must wait. The observation window of Localytics, although concentrated in a particular period of time favorable for purchases, can not exhaust the analysis of the performance recorded by the individual terminals. Google, meanwhile, can rest easy: the desire to enter in a decisive manner in the consumer segment with smartphones Pixel continues to be more important.