Photo of the Day: irregular galaxy with a secret in the constellation Virgo


Telescope «Hubble» (NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope) continues to work on the benefit of science:. this time orbiting observatory transmitted images of the galaxy Earth IC 3583, located in the constellation Virgo located approximately 30 million light-years away

at first glance, a named object It does not have a specific structure. Therefore, it was believed that IC 3583 – Galaxy is wrong, does not fit into the Hubble sequence. These galaxies do not show any spiral or elliptical structure. Most often, they are chaotic shape with no clearly defined core and spiral arms.

However, IC 3583, seems to hide a secret. In the galaxy revealed jumper ( “bar”) from the brightest stars through the center. This feature is inherent in many spiral galaxies, as well as some lenticular galaxies.

Thus, scientists believe, in the past, IC 3583 could be a barred spiral galaxy. However, as a result of strong gravitational effects neighbor – the galaxy Messier 90 – the IC 3583 was, in fact, “torn” apart. That this can be explained by the absence of a specific structure.


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