The owners of Philips Smart TV 2009 will soon lose access to applications. We speak of the platform NetTV the one used before Android and Android TV. As of December 28 you will no longer have access to various apps and services. The cause of this limitation relates to the security measures adopted by various service providers, such as Netflix and YouTube. From next year it will increase from SHA-1 to SHA-2 certificates. Unfortunately, the 2009 models can not receive a special firmware upgrade and can not therefore support this change.

Even more Smart TV Philips will be involved in this step, but contrary to those the 2009 range will be updated. The 2009 models will lose the support to the app are as follows:

Series 8000

42PFL8404 42PFL8654 42PFL8684 42PFL8694 47PFL8404

Series 9000

32PFL9604 37PFL9604 40PFL9704 42PFL9664 46PFL9704 47PFL9664 52PFL9704 Nicola Zucchini Buriani VIA SOURCE