Here’s a useful starting point to treat yourself to a new Christmas TV: three days before the New Year, in fact, owners of smart TV Philips produced in 2009 will lose access to intelligent features and in general to the online app.

The models affected belong to the series 8000 and 9000, which include 12 of Smart TV models, back to all the high-end, of course. The reason is that providers of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix will strengthen the security protocols in 2017, more precisely passing by the safety certificate SHA-1 to more rigid and recently SHA-2.

40PFL9704H, between Philips models “implicated”

To homologate the new standard, the Smart TV produced in this decade just a firmware update, but for Philips models of 2009 that is not possible, says the Dutch company. Just in the Netherlands, however, the popular video streaming broadcaster NPO Gemist has already begun issuing overlay message containing “Your TV is not OK.”

Philips has however reiterated that “closing the taps” to televisions in 2009 will officially start on December 28 yes, but will happen gradually, As to the service providers actually complete the transition with the safety standard unsupportable. Anyone who would not, or could not upgrade your TV to a smart TV Philips latest to another brand, you can still enjoy video streaming and other services on TV by connecting devices such as Chromecasts or Apple TV.