Phil Spencer returns to speak of Xbox Scorpio and during a recent interview with Famitsu has once again confirmed that the new hardware of the Redmond company, expected by the end of 2017, will be a very balanced console in terms of memory and processing power CPU and GPU .

Describe a console is no easy feat. I can tell you that the phrase used in the creation of Scorpio is “Balance”, as balance memory, CPU and GPU is extremely important.

According to the statement, the development team know very well that in the creation of a video game numbers are not everything. To have 6 teraflops is important but it is also important to create a balance between the power of the various components.

The boss of the Xbox division has finally openly declared that titles that will land on Xbox Scorpio will be very different from those that we will see this year .

At the time Microsoft’s new hardware is still devoid of a precise date of debut, however Xbox Scorpio should debut in the Christmas period of 2017. Please note that at the time did not yet know the sale price of the Xbox Scoprio however Albert Penello has recently released some interesting statements that leave it clear that Xbox Scorpio could debut with a price comparable to that of the new hardware from Sony home .

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