Recent updates No Man’s Sky has brought in I play a lot of changes and innovations, and now in his files found hints of future changes. Chances are that in the foreseeable future, players will be able not only to walk on the planets, but also to ride a buggy.

To Reddit user under the nickname of eegandj found among the game files folder named “BUGGY”. Intrigued by its contents, he drew from the archives of texture and model vehicle, and then tried to import all available in the game. Collect buggy he succeeded only partially – the developers have not added all the files you want and hardly expect that this folder somebody finds

Given the scale of the planets, plus the buggy will not be exact.. Now users have to either run from one resource to another, or to fly over the surface of the planet, and from time to time to land. The presence of such transport will considerably simplify the gameplay, but still can not confidently assert that the buggy will appear in the project.

Author post on Reddit collected files in modification which are set to attend. Ride, however, is not work – just look at the potential innovation