Pegatron collects test batch Surface Phone


Chinese-language resource Commercial Times of Taiwan reported that the contract manufacturer Pegatron, which is engaged in the assembly for Apple iPhone and Surface Studio for Microsoft, is now ready to begin test production of the mythical smartphone Surface Phone, rumors of which go for many years.

The first smartphone family of Surface, the launch of which, according to the edition, held in 2017 (probably near the end), must obtain the functions that allocate it to the background of the mass of other available devices market . For example, the ability to run conventional x86-Windows programs in Continuum mode. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) said recently:

“We do not want to move forward, only imitating and envying the successes of others. And we ask the question: what can we give the market a unique? That’s how I look on any device format, on any technology, even on artificial intelligence. We will remain in the smartphone market, but not in the framework, which set its current leaders, and taking advantage of its unique advantage – the ability to create the most perfect Mobile device “


One of the most interesting rumors about Surface – the possibility of using it in the Intel processor. The latter, despite the many attempts undertaken, and could not be fixed to an appreciable extent in the smartphone market, so that the alliance with Microsoft could be the last chance to Intel in the sector. The smartphone is capable to perform a full-fledged desktop operating system when connected to a TV or monitor – a very interesting option that can really attract the attention of professionals. also recently heard rumors that will receive a Surface Phone flagship ARM-based processors. By the way, to run x86-apps, according to the latest reports, maybe the Intel processor does not need . Anyway, Surface Phone can remain on paper, as well as many other Microsoft products.


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