studio Arc System Works has announced that the release of the PC version of the fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Steam in on 14 December.

The first project received gamers Japan, where the August 25, 2015 the game was released in the arcades. A year later he was released on the PS3 and PS4: May 26, 2016 th – in Japan, on June 7 – the United States, June 10 – in Europe. And now the turn and PC. The Steam have games already have the appropriate page, however, reservations have not yet opened, so that the price in rubles, we can not name. In the west, fighting game will sell for $ 49.99, but in honor of the release of the authors promise a 10 percent discount.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- – this is the fifth major (and sixteenth, if you count all branches) series game. The project was created on a three-dimensional engine, but the character models used cell-animation technology and stylized 2D, so that it seems as if they are painted by hand. The list of fighters has 23 characters, with six of them appeared in the series for the first time. You can play in two modes – Stylish and Technical – designed both beginners and professionals. For absolutely newcomers provided a training mode where you can without too much haste to master all the techniques, punches and lethal combination. Beat can be both single and in network mode.