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already said the wise old man who mix business with politics was never a good idea. And now, Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, is feeling the skin the consequences of having donated a fat amount to Donald Trump campaign, presidential candidate of the United States. Several netizens have rebelled and started a wave of boycotts service, starting with social networks.

Rather, it is worth remembering that Thiel founded the platform, but nowadays no longer has any connection with it. Acting as an investor in the technology industry, the billionaire decided to support the Trump campaign with a donation of $ 1.25 million, one of the few executives in Silicon Valley to agree with the candidate’s proposals. Unfortunately, however, the Internet led to Peter donation very seriously and ultimately harm the service, which has nothing to do with the case.

The wave of boycotts began as soon as the news spread by the media. At Twitter, users have created hashtag #BoycottPayPal (boycott of PayPal) and posted catchphrases while others made sure to remember that the platform does not belong to the executive since 2002 and now it is publicly traded calling all this confusion of “mess”.

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