The success of the Kickstarter campaign Pathologic has allowed developers not only to continue the project, but also publish the net new updates dedicated to this remake of the original version of the game, adventure so appealing to tear an incredibly high level of consensus.

Developers of Ice-Pick Lodge home were then published, on its Youtube, channel a video of thirty seconds dedicated to the Cathedral one of the buildings darker and fascinated in the game. Needless to say, the effect is really evocative, so the hope is to be able to count on a product cured from every point of view.

The original version of Pathologic was released back in 2005, adventure that could make a comeback very soon thanks to the above mentioned version of “remaster”. To date it is not yet known when Pathologic will see light through the shelves of specialty stores, but the developers have pointed out that the adventure will be released during the course of 2017.

It only remains to wait to receive new information.