Passengers of short flights of Aeroflot will get Wi-Fi access to the Internet


Aeroflot will provide passengers of short flights with the opportunity to work on the Internet aboard airplanes via wireless Wi-Fi, as reported by the newspaper "Vedomosti."

Aeroflot photographs

To date, the Wi-Fi service has been activated on board several tens of long-haul vessels in the Aeroflot airplane: these are Airbus A330 and Boeing B777 aircraft.

As it became known now, this month the carrier begins to equip medium-haul aircraft Airbus 320/321 with equipment for Internet access. In total, the program will affect about 80 aircraft. Complete installation of the necessary equipment is planned by the end of 2019.

Tariffs for using the Internet on board medium-haul vessels have not yet been disclosed. As for long-distance flights of Aeroflot, the prices vary from $ 5 for 15 minutes of web access from 10 MB of traffic to $ 50 for the entire flight with 150 MB of traffic.

Using the Internet on board service is possible only after climbing. To connect the service, you need to activate the Wi-Fi portable computer, tablet or smartphone, select the OnAir access network, start the Internet browser and specify the preferred tariff plan.