After a long period of silence the team Paranoid Android comes back to talk about it, though it does it with a simple image / teaser that says little and nothing, leaving a lot to the imagination Of enthusiasts. After the release of several elements of the team, entering the OnePlus team, the project seemed to be closed, but the few maintainers seemed willing to carry one of the most glorious names in the modding for Android.

The post posted on Google+ gives no indication, but the "O" letter leaves little to the imagination and seems to indicate a return to the team at the launch of Android O, which should take place in the coming months.

Obviously, negative comments were missed, given the state of relative abandonment in which the custom ROM has abandoned the development of daily releases and new features in favor of stability and Error correction.

Obviously, there are a lot of good comments on the return of a ROM that in the past has brought so many new things but now seems more inclined to "exploit" the name rather than creating new features. Who knows with Android Or things can not change and bring Paranoid Android to the ancient splendor when it was able to rival, and very often overcome, a famous name like CyanogenMod.

What do you think about the possibility of a return to Paranoid Android scenes? The box of comments is at your disposal.