Panoramic Surveillance Camera Series Arecont Vision SurroundVideo G5 Mini has four lens


The range of the company Arecont Vision, specializing in the production of network security cameras, has expanded a series of panoramic cameras SurroundVideo G5 Mini. These resolution camera 12 or M 20, in fact, the complexes are four chambers in a common housing, ensuring the angle of view of 180 ° or 360 °. The title of the cameras reflected another of their feature – SurroundVideo G5 Mini camera for about 50% smaller than their predecessors.

Cameras c several modules in the company considered an attractive alternative to cameras with pan, tilt and zoom, and the camera with a fixed angle review less 180 °. Users SurroundVideo G5 Mini can view images from the individual sensor or the entire panoramic image immediately. The cameras support PoE power supply and power adapter from issuing a constant voltage in the range of 18-48 V.

Source: Arecont Vision

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