Painnt is a new app in the Play Store Beta artistic filters


Prisma has opened a Pandora’s box in the world of photo app, with its artistic filters that they have been able to bring that “something new” that was missing for a while ‘. Inevitably, many other developers have thrown in the vein; we cite for example Win or new versions of PicsArt . Facebook has even raised the bar by applying the concept video .

Painnt is an app like that . The spread Moonlighting, a company that deals with photo software for some time. For the moment it is in beta, but freely accessible to everyone from the link at the bottom of the article. Its strong points are two: one is the breadth of its offering – the filters are already more than 130 – and the other is the ability to customize the output by specifying parameters such as brightness, contrast and so on


Some filters are paid, others are freemium . Those inaccessible without a subscription (it varies from the euro a week to 10 € per year) are indicated by a small diamond in the corner at the top; all others have a limitation to the resolution, which stops at “average.”

The filters are downloaded and applied locally ; the times are very fast, in the order of a few seconds (on the phone with Snapdragon 810) for previews. The effective application of course depends on the resolution. The results are satisfactory, and the choice of filters very varied. Although this is a beta, the first rapid tests did not reveal any details of use contraindications, except for translation a bit ‘rough. In short, the conditions are not bad; if you want to experience first-hand, here’s the link.

Painnt (Beta) | Google Play Store Free Source