Updating Halloween and takes a week available in Overwatch, and the new trifulca remains a challenge in the hard way. As you know, this is a mode PvE in which we must defeat Dr. Junkenstein and their abominations, so to facilitate the task of overcoming in greatest difficulty today we bring you a guide complete for the hard mode .

Positioning Heroes


  • McCree: in the upper left platform . The cowboy needs to fill this position to clean up the enemies that appear there, as well as to help in the center and of course, shoot down enemies with their combined with Ana ulti. From this position has full view almost all enemies.

  • Soldado 76: in the center, with mobility . Morrison’s main task will clear the central and prevent enemies explode in the door, in addition to destroying explosive wheels with the ulti if things get ugly. It is imperative to move around and drop the biotic field if things get ugly.

  • Hanzo: on the right side and the center of the map . The goalkeeper does better in enclosed spaces and short-range, so your task is to save the spawn enemies on the right and the center. Important launch the sonic arrow to know when will the enemies.

  • Ana: in the center, preferably in the platform to the right of the door . Since the task of the team is to cure Ana until they reach the top brass, the ideal place is on the small raised platform just right. It is also important to load the ulti killing enemies, giving priority to firing grenades blue.

Defeating enemies elite


  • Reaper . Death teleports directly to the center of the map, at which time Ana will have to sleep it with his arrow and give the ulti to McCree, who will be hoping to turn the ulti Reaper to kill shot. Reaper reappears twice more, and we must always follow the same dynamics dormirle and shoot with the ulti McCree not to cause havoc with the death spiral.

  • Roadhog . Unfortunately, the ulti McCree not get to kill him with a single shot, although he quite self erode health. Another ulti which comes in handy to use against him is the Soldier 76, so the ulti Anna must make combo with Morrison. In addition, it is recommended that you pull Ana biotics to Roadhog Granada when attempting to heal not recover health. Moreover, Hanzo should worry about cleaning the area so that others do not suffer the attacks of robots.

  • Dr. Junkenstein / Junkrat . We need to end soon with Junkrat to not start doing spam grenades, and indicated our man is Hanzo with his ulti. As we hear the audio of their appearance have to release the dragon in right angle for you merme life to the fullest. If it survives, the Hanzo itself will kill him with arrows while others cleaned.

  • Mercy + other enemies . You know that Mercy resurrects all the elites, so we face the most chaotic battle of all. The ulti Anna has to go directly to McCree for him to do his work with ulti and kill the Reaper, and Mercy Junkrat shot. Once defeated, we will have to deal with Roadhog in the same way we did before, taking care of all the enemies that appear not to die.

In conclusion, we have give priority to the brass rather than robots not to cause damage with ultis. At the same time, we can not forget the explosive wheels as they cause great damage to the door and we run the risk of failing the brawl, and finally the blue robots that shoot grenades also can stay walking a long time.

If all players are well positioned and have clear their role in the brawl, it is a matter to try a few times to control the timing of onset of bosses and coordinate special skills. Well, that and be proficient with the heroes available, of course. Good luck!