Outlast 2 is added to the list of the titles that will support Playstation 4 Pro . During a recent interview with Playstationlifestyle, Philippe Morin, he has declared that the long-awaited sequel to the well-known survival horror, on the new Sony home hardware, will provide significant improvements in technical thanks to the extra power of Playstation 4 Pro.

is not yet clear if the title will use the resolution in native 4K and HDR, the development team has in fact merely stated that Outlast 2 on the new console to be released on November 10, will ensure that players a better texture and shadow system characterized by a higher quality .

Recently, Philippe Morin further stated that Outlast 2 will not include within it a VR mode . The game will not be made compatible with the well-known viewer, Playstation VR.

When the title of the house Red Barrels is still devoid of a precise date of debut, the game still will be released in 2017 and we are sure that soon will come new news about his debut.

In the new episode of the series players will be called to relive several true events, including the Jonestown massacre of 1978, one of the blackest pages of history.

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