In most cases, innovation is not seen: what we can see is its products and at best some of its processes. In Italy, nine times out of ten the bubbling innovation inside that single pot in the world that is the manufacturing where a wide knowledge and craftsmanship, brilliant insights, culture, patents, personal stories, families. In Veneto, with Open Factory they brought the concept of open doors in the companies to make a new thing: touch innovation, breathe it where it is made. Storytelling is not a fable, but a true story.

In Italy we have manufacturing excellence, which are also excellence in research. In Veneto, in particular, the concept of “factory” is extended, it is not only a gray, smoky assembly line: it is a very large area of ​​companies, all different and equally linked to the territory. The north-east phenomenon as we knew it is over, and has been replaced by a new sensibility, which Open Factory defines the perimeter of the concept of “manufacturing tourism”. A project of Northeast Foundation, Confartigianato and Confindustria, who managed to build with Porto refinery Marghera passing again for Nice Spa, Legatoria Ciani, Crafted, Polo Mechatronics and others.


From the point of view of social has had an impact, it also talks about how he entered the radar of college students, who also contributed much to the movement of persons between the various provinces.

In the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, the industrial tourism is consolidated, however, let us say plainly what is said in Open Factory, being the Italian manufacturing, it is unique in the world. Industry, as well, we do it only us. So even this “open doors” is in its own unique way, an evolution. The strange thing is that often times Vicenza students do not know that in their province is a famous company, maybe estimated particularly, so the people of Verona, the Treviso and so on. All of them are convinced that those companies are somewhere other than where they live: they know them but they have never visited, never seen.