Ontario will avtopilotiruemogo vehicle tests on public roads


Canada has joined the number of countries willing to provide their road test in real conditions automatic vehicle control systems. The ability to start testing robomobiley in the country of the maple leaf came back in January 2016, but then the car manufacturers have not expressed the desire to participate in the program. After nearly a year of the decision to master urban roads in Ontario still sounded.


Participation in the project approved by the Canadian authorities, will take a team of engineers from the University of Waterloo, Blackberry QNX and automotive companies Erwin Hymer Group. to study the reliability of machines controlled by an onboard computer, scheduled for example hybrid sedan Lincoln MKZ with the code name «Autonomoose», and It is also equipped with electronics for autonomous control of minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. Rounding out the list of test specimens another sedan Lincoln production, unmanned movement which lies “on his shoulders” software package specialists from Blackberry.

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The authors of the initiative will test the functionality of the ancillary systems at the various stages of its activation. These four-wheel vehicles will demonstrate how the autopilot behaves under various weather conditions and different covers of the roadway. Given the fact that the trials will be held in one of the most densely populated provinces of Canada, the presence on the road outside of the movement point to the real potential of development. However, according to the regulatory framework of Ontario, inside the car is required to be a driver.

And in the meantime has become a trendsetter in the autopilot Tesla Motors, offering owners of branded electric cars to enjoy all the benefits of technological options, today announced the upcoming major update proprietary system. We are talking about a new version Autopilot algorithm under the symbol “8.1”, which is scheduled for the end of December. After the update the autopilot will be another step closer to the infallible definition of road conditions, and the Elon Musk (Elon Musk) promises that the full control without the intervention of the driver in this process will be a reality as early as 2017.



However, along with an update to the Autopilot 8.1 owners of older versions Tesla Model S will have to pay a visit to the service centers to install additional equipment on your Fastback


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