As we wrote, the first Chevrolet Bolt exits off the assembly line are in US dealerships from a few days and now General Motors has also enabled the usual online configurator for those wishing to model his car and order it. There was waiting for this particular, to actually understand what the car had standard, and how you can fulfill the promises of GM, touching the $ 35,000 in fact the cheapest electricity in the long haul on the market.

Someone then might be disappointed to find that the most affordable fees (though he did not seem to European habits) you can only get with a basic configuration .

While it was predictable and lawful, on the other hand some of the entry-level version shortages raise concerns. Little serious for the color orange, the symbol tint of this car finished among the options, although it was put on display again with this painting, but less bearable the absence of charging DC Combo fast as a standard feature . If with car with small batteries, the ability to load only in AC at low powers can be tolerated, with a medium with 60 kWh supplied, 20 hours for upload to 3 kW of power are really too many, and also having available an outlet 6 kW, are still about 10 hours.

So to get a car that not disfigures, and that is as usable as possible, we must add to the base price (as you see in our test, the picture above) $ 395 for our favorite color the other $ 555 for seats and heated steering wheel, and an additional $ 495 for a minimum of driver assistance systems, with a pack that includes Rear Assist Parkin, Cross-Traffic Alert, Blind Spot, and maintaining lane. If these details so we add a minimum of charging safety, with DC Fast ($ 750) and home charger ($ 535), we arrive at the cost of $ 40,225 . Actually not too much higher than the base price, but something more standard could be included.