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A few years ago, some schools in the country have begun to alert parents to a dangerous practice that teens have done even within the classroom. It’s called “fainting game” or Choking Game. The “game” that can lead to death since the movements are designed to decrease the amount of blood in the brain, claimed another victim, this time, was in his own home.

Gustavo Riveiros Detter of 13, died less than 24 hours after being found in the father’s room with a coiled rope around his neck and in front of a computer. The family is suspected that the incident is related to the challenge of an online game in which the boy was playing with friends and ended up losing. The event took place in São Vicente, on the coast of São Paulo, and is being investigated by the police.

Gustavo Riveiros Detter, 13

The rope used by the boy held a boxing bag in the ceiling of the room. After hanging, the student came to be rescued alive for the Municipal Hospital of São Vicente yet on Saturday night, 15. Then it was transferred to the Hospital Ana Costa, Santos, and died on Sunday, 16.

Game asphyxia

According to a maternal uncle Gustavo, the boy was playing the game League of Legends. When someone lost the game, the participants gave the loser’s challenge Choking Game or “choking game” in which the person stops the flow of air with your hands or objects to induce fainting, dizziness or state of euphoria.

According to the police report, the boy was playing with three other colleagues when the hanging took place. The most shocking is that the scene would have been monitored in real time by other players in the game, since all used the Internet with a webcam connected to communicate.

According conversations obtained by relative in messaging applications and the computer itself used by Gustavo, this would not be the first time that the student would have participated in the alleged challenge. One player wrote in one of the conversations that he thought the ‘Detter’ (the victim’s last name) had gone to hang himself again.

For the live broadcast of the webcam, colleagues realized that the victim appeared to be “faint” and asked for a cousin who was in the room next to Gustavo, was verify.

Startled, the girl called her aunt and uncle, who managed to revive Gustavo. Then, around 22h40, the family called the Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU) to take you to the Municipal Hospital of São Vicente. In the morning of Sunday, Gustavo was transferred around 5:30 am for Hospital Ana Costa in Santos. His death was confirmed a few hours later.

Also according to the police report, the uncle Gustavo, who registered the case at the police station, believes the assumption that the other players have induced his nephew to the fact. The case was registered on the 7th DP Santos, but will be investigated by the Police Headquarters of São Vicente

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